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Blueberrylemon fashion online store introduces a line of varieties of clothing and accessories for women and kids. 

We manufacture some of our designs while some collections are selectively picked directly from factories.  Blueberrylemon offers Bagsjourney’s brand of high quality gorgeous made evening clutch, day clutch, bridal clutch & party clutch. We are a subsidiary of Bagsjourney.

Our online store caters for female only for now; women, babies & kids. (sorry boys! soon, we will have something for you:).  I love our 2017 collection, they are so pretty and gorgeous and I hope you like them too.  

Happy Shopping.

I appreciate your comment and opinion and if you are looking for something specific that we don’t have it yet in our store, just email us and who knows?…it might be just on its way.   We have Live Chat online and will do our best to reply you as spontaneous as possible.

Like mentioned, we are a subsidiary of Bags Journey, www.bagjourney.com. Bags Journey caters for B2B (business to business platform) where we source, import, design, customize, develop new products for our corporate / retail clients. Bags Journey offer consultation and business services from A to Z.  Check out our website for more info. 

Enjoy shopping, the journey has just begun.

Muah muah muahs. Xx

Team from Blueberrylemon